[Crafty Monday] Rainbow Bracelets

Today’s craft is courtesy of Elena, who wanted to show you how to make easy bracelets out of pony beads and yarn.

These are pony beads, which you can easily find at any craft store in a huge variety of colors and styles and sizes (get big ones for this project):

Getting started:
• Cut a piece of yarn about as long as your arm span (both arms)
• Double the yarn, and make a big loop, and tie a knot, like this:

You can cut the loop, after you tie the knot, and, if you want, tape down the knotted end to the surface you’re working on to help you hold it in place. Tape the knot end closest to you.

Before you start threading beads, wrap a piece of scotch tape around the ends of the yarn to help you thread the yarn through the beads easier. (Think of the way your shoelaces have the plastic ends to help you thread them through the eyelets).

How to thread the beads:
To thread the beads, take the right piece of yarn and thread two beads, like this (I’ve already threaded a few beads, to let you see what it looks like):

Then take the left piece of yarn, and also thread them through the beads, like this:

Take the ends of the yarn and pull:

The yarn is pretty long, so keep pulling until the beads are all the way to the end:

There! To add more beads, just start again – thread two beads with the right piece of yarn, then thread the left piece of yarn through the beads, and pull.

When you decide that the bracelet is as long as you want it to be, simply take the ends of yarn and tie a standard knot and pull it tight against the end of the last two beads.

Then, to wear it, you can either tie both ends of the bracelet with a regular knot (with enough room to slip on and off the wrist) or with a simple bow tie, like you tie your shoes.

I kinda made mine like a lanyard:

Then I decided it would make a good keychain:

Elena and our friend Lolly made some Valentine’s Day bracelets:

These beads are great for experimenting with colors and patterns.

Try it! Your kids will enjoy making their own jewelry.

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15 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    elena said,

    thank you for putting the wampum on charlottes fancy!

    • 2

      Molly said,

      (Editor’s Note: Elena learned how to make these bracelets as part of their Native American curriculum, hence the “wampum” reference.)

  2. 3

    […] for teaching the order of the colors, or just helping with dexterity for children.  Check out Charlotte’s Fancy to see how. You could even do pink and red for Valentine’s […]

  3. 4

    Susan said,

    This is a fantastic project. I know my 9 year old daughter would love to make these with her girlfriends on a rainy day. Thanks!

  4. 5

    Cristina said,

    Muy bonito y fácil de realizar!
    Thanks for sharing! 😉


  5. 6

    Darcy said,

    Thanks so much for the great project idea. I am going to use this at my daughter’s brownie meeting next week!

  6. 7

    Sarah P said,

    Perfect for our snow day recreation. We have all of the materials at home. Thanks!

  7. 8

    ohvandalism said,

    That’s very neat! I love all those colours 😀

  8. 9

    Jo Wyrosdick said,

    This is great. I will try this with my students. Thanks, Jo

  9. 10

    Catherine said,

    This is a delightfully easy project. My girls made 11 of these for Craft Hope. Thank you for providing these instructions.

  10. 12

    Hediye said,


    Harika bir iş çıkarmışsınız.

  11. 13

    yağmur said,

    süper !!!!!!!!!!

  12. 14

    MyNewyorkBag said,

    These are elegant bracelets. Also you have explained well. I love those Valentine’s Day bracelets. Thanks for sharing this tutorial.

  13. 15

    […] Rainbow Bracelets by Charlotte’s Fancy […]

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