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More bedroom inspiration, but this time for the kids:

Helois e's bedroom by le blog de tantesuzie

Minimalist bedroom via Scandinavian Deko

Swedish children's bedroom via Alexander White

House bed by Bonne Soeurs

Natural children's bedroom in Berlin via Desire to Inspire

Colorful children's bedroom via Hus and Hem

Boys bedroom from A Merry Mishap

(I hope you found some ideas in these photos!)

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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A Roald Dahl Birthday Party

Quentin Blake illustration for Roald Dahl Day

Last year, my daughter wanted a Harry Potter party, which I had a lot of fun with. You can see pictures and ideas from that party here. This year, she asked for a Roald Dahl party, which I thought was a pretty great idea. Turns out it was easy to put together too.


I made a very simple invitation this year using the Quentin Blake illustration above (which he drew in celebration of Roald Dahl Day). If I had planned farther ahead, I probably would have tried to make a Golden Ticket invitation.

Games & Fun

In addition to watching Fantastic Mr. Fox, Matilda AND the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (it was a slumber party – we had a lot of time to fill!), we also quizzed kids on Roald Dahl characters and stories using the Roald Dahl Quiz Book.

But the highlight of the party? A Fizzy Lifting Drink burping contest! Have the kids chug some seltzer or soda and let them burp as loudly as they want.

Party Favors

Always my favorite part of the party. This year, we gave the kids:

A Roald Dahl book (we bought an assortment)
A Roald Dahl bookmark (found these at a local toy store , but here’s a free printable Roald Dahl bookmark that you can print on cardstock)
Lickable wallpaper (candy buttons)
Everlasting gobstoppers

Party favors for a Roald Dahl birthday party

Food & Drinks

I did not go all out and serve Roald Dahl-themed food and drinks. However, chocolate milk (from the chocolate river, of course), Fizzy Lifting Drink, and Frobscottle are obvious drink choices. You could also turn to Revolting Recipes for many disgusting-yet-delicious (dahlicious?) ideas.

For more resources, you can find some ideas on the Roald Dahl website (check the teacher section for activity ideas), and the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre website too. Probably your best resource is the Roald Dahl Day website which even has party packs to download.

Images: Quentin Blake illustration for Roald Dahl Day (top)
Party favors by Charlotte’s Fancy (bottom)

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It’s a Bed! It’s a Couch! It’s…Awesome.

Caravan Divan by Kalon

Caravan Divan up close

Caravan divan by Kalon in colors

Although this is meant to be a perfect first “big kid” bed, the great thing about this Caravan divan by Los Angeles-based company Kalon, is that it’s equally useful as a comfy place for anyone to sit and read, relax, and hang out.

It’s also manufactured with locally-sourced materials in an FSC certified facility, so you can feel good about both the quality and Kalon’s commitment to sustainable practices.

They have many other beautiful furniture pieces in their shop, including this terrific interpretation of a rocking horse.

Images: Kalon
via lmnop

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All Aboard! Cute Circus Train Craft by Mer Mag

Circus Train with tea boxes by mer mag

Circus Train supplies tea boxes and duct tape by mer mag

Hello hello! I’m back from my short little vacation and wanted to share this adorable Circus Train craft by mer mag (a stellar blog, if you don’t already subscribe to it). All you need is some tea boxes, some duct tape, some brads, and whatever other decorations you might want to use. Simple as that!

See the tutorial here (it’s also featured in the current issue of Family Fun).

Images: mer mag

I’m thinking about holiday gift guides (see the archive here); if you have an interest in having your handmade items featured, please send an email to charlottesfancy [at] gmail [dot] com for consideration.

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Do This: Washi Tape Town

washi tape car track by le jardin de juliette

Washi tape car track overhead shot by le jardin de juliette

This washi tape car track / town by Le Jardin de Juliette is an incredibly clever idea. For the cost of just a few rolls of tape (usually about $4 – $5 each), you can give your kids endless hours of creative play.

Also, I can’t help but notice that this is one really cool children’s bedroom. I would love to have kid-sized Verner Panton chairs like that!

Some good sources for washi tape:

Pretty Tape
Cute Tape

(You can also search for washi tape on Etsy)

Images: Le Jardin de Juliette

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Favorites: Lille Huset

I’m not really thinking about holiday shopping yet, but when I see something that strikes me as a really sweet gift, I make a note. I saw these Lille Huset doll house kits on Bloesem Kids recently, and added them to my list of possible gifts:

Langley house by Lille Huset Logan house by Lille Huset

Lille shop by Lille Huset Chelsea house by Lille Huset

These doll houses are made mostly using recycled paper, but they have a baltic birch front. All of the paperboard pieces are sold as replacement packs so that the house can be passed down (or redecorated!) while saving the wood front.

They are flat packed, for easy storage, and are easy to assemble too:

Lille Huset pieces

Putting the Lille Huset house together

Langley house inside by Lille Huset

Each house kit comes with house components, DIY design ideas book, DIY trading card, and portfolio package that is also an activity sheet to complement your house. In addition, there are great downloadable paper dolls ($5), paper pets (free), and other decorations and ideas for your house on the Lille Huset website.

They also have a Lille City set, which includes four small houses:

Lille Huset City

There are 5 different doll house styles (Doro, Chelsea, Lille Shop, Langley and Logan); each are $60. The Lille City is $45.

For more, see the Lille Huset website and shop here.

All images: Lille Huset
via Bloesem Kids

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The Little Collection by Bibelotte

Little collection in coral and sand by Bibelotte

Little collection bow and poster by Bibelotte

Little collection stars wallpaper by Bibelotte

Little collection by Bibelotte

This charming “Little” collection is by the Dutch company Bibelotte.

See more of their collections here and their blog here. In addition to the Little collection, I’m a fan of Olivier – which one(s) do you like best?

All images: Bibelotte

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Favorites: Colorful, Compact Children’s Bedroom


What I like about this Danish children’s bedroom:

1) Between the bunk bed, the desk and the shelves, it maximizes the small space beautifully

2) The Ferm Living wallpaper paired with that lovely yellow desk

Photos by Tia Borgsmidt for Bolig Magasinet
via From Scandinavia With Love

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Lunch Box Love

Coco Lime Lunchbox - Beatrice

Coco LIme Lunchbox Parisa

Coco Lime Lunchbox Ruby

Hello again! And welcome to all of my new subscribers!

My girls don’t go back to school for another couple of days, and this year, I was quite slow to get all of their school supplies. As I was searching around for cool lunch boxes the other day, I found these three from My Coco Lime, which I just love.

Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t convince my 11 year old that one of these was the perfect lunch box for her, but perhaps they are perfect for you. Right now, they’re 30% off with the code SUMMER30. There are also three other designs to choose from (robots, geckos and guitars). See the shop here.

The 11 year old, by the way, chose a personalized tin lunch box with stripes from Pencil Shavings Studio. A good choice for her, I think.

Can you believe summer is over? What are you most looking forward to this fall?

Images: My Coco Lime

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Rainbow Robot Invasion!

Ellie Bellie Kids rainbow of robots

Ellie Bellie Kids pink robot

Ellie Bellie Kids yellow tag a long bag

Ellie Bellie Kids blue messenger bag

Ellie Bellie Kids robot in a custom box

Rainbows + robots + fantastic packaging is a combination I simply cannot resist.

EBK Robots just launched this new line of robots, tag along bags, and messenger bags in a variety of bright colors, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them. With these as gifts, I will finally cement my reputation as the coolest/best aunt ever.

Shop the EBK Robots store here, read their silly blog here, and spread the word. Robots are cool.

Images: EBK Robots


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