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Cute Alert! Craft-A-Day by Sarah Goldschadt

Craft a Day by Sarah Goldschadt

Sewn animals by Sarah Goldschadt from her Craft a Day book

Craft a Day by Sarah Goldschadt

Cupcake toppers by Sarah Goldschadt for Craft a Day Book

This new Craft-a-Day book by Sarah Goldschadt is almost too cute for words.

Sarah picks a theme for each week of the year – robots, or snowflakes, or penguins, or hexagons, or sailboats  (you get the picture) – and then she offers a week’s worth of different crafts related to the theme. Cupcake toppers, plush animals, garlands, stationery, tote bags, and more.

The instructions are easy to follow, the crafts are simple and sweet, and the book is beautifully designed. If you’re like me – you like to make things now and then, but nothing too elaborate or requiring advanced skills – this is the perfect book.

In fact, this book ranks high on the list of craft books you ought to have in your library, along with Kid Made Modern and the various Usborne “Things to Make and Do” books. It would also make a terrific gift for any of your crafty friends.

For more about Sarah, visit her website.

The book will be available to purchase  beginning October 2, 2012; I received an advance copy from Quirk Books (who also published this great Halloween craft book that I featured a couple of years ago).

Images: Sarah Goldschadt / Quirk Books

Have a great weekend!


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Friday Finds: 9 Handmade Gifts to Give

Some pretty handmade finds to take you into the weekend!

1. Mini Treasure Pot, hand dipped in neon pink ($8) by Wind and Willow Home
2. Tangerine felt mouse in matchbox (€17 – about $22 USD) by Atelier Pompadour
3. Porcelain and leather hanging container ($50 for medium size) by farrahsit
4. Make your own Rabbit kit – red (€18 – about $23 USD) by Miko Design
5.  “Lemonade” fat quarters ($15/fat quarter in color of your choice) by Sara Lee Parker
6. Mid-century modern suburban magnet set ($28) by Fidoodle
7. Morse code necklaces (prices vary) by Coatt
8. Knitted lambswool picture bag (€28 – about $45 USD) by Sally Nencini
9. His Hers and Its colorful wooden cutouts ($83) by Herman Marie

(Images by their respective owners)

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Favorites: Ktaadn Tea Towels

Ktaadn tea towels

I love these two Ktaadn (pronounced “kuh tah dn”) tea towels, which I bought at Renegade Brooklyn this year.  The red pattern on the left is called “Knife’s Edge” and the red and blue pattern on the right is called “Net.” The linen fabric is soft and luxurious.

Ktaadn sells tea towels, pillows and notebooks in several different patterns and colors in their shop, all of which they screen print by hand in their studio near Portland, Maine. These towels aren’t in their shop yet, but I’d guess that they’re coming soon, and you can always contact Ktaadn to find out.

If you bookmark shops for gift ideas, this is a good one for your list.

Image: Charlotte’s Fancy

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Handmade for Easter Baskets

Handmade Easter Presents Picks by Charlotte's Fancy

Some especially sweet gifts for your little one’s Easter basket.

1. Wooden toy set of forest friends, $35, by mielasiela
2. Easter bunny, $54, by Timo Handmade
3. Personalized wooden name ball, $17.99, by Indie Bambino
4. Organic wool little lamb hat, $53, by SweetPeaToad
5. Hand knit and felted lamb, $42, by Woolies
6.  Wooden Easter bunny toy, $13, by Imagination Kids

Images by their respective owners

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I’ve got the perfect way to start a Tuesday: fun, cheerful illustrations and handprinted items by Scottish designers Mark and Zoe of YOKE.

Hip Hip Hooray by YOKE

Hiya card by YOKE

Tea Towels by YOKE

On Cloud Nine by YOKE

Hiya Tote Bags by YOKE

More trees please illustration by YOKE

Who wouldn’t want to get a HIYA! card in the mail?

You can see many more goodies in their shop, and I enjoyed looking through the portfolio on their website, too.

All images: YOKE

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Shades of the 80s

Handmade neon items from etsy

I’m a child of the 80s, so I picked some handmade neon favorites for you. Also, I thought you might need some help waking up this morning.

Happy Monday!

Clockwise from top left:

Green washi tape by Washi Wishes
Tote bag with leather handles and neon stripes by Joyner Avenue
Grey linen pillow with neon yellow pattern by Paleolochic
Neon wood bangles by Voz Clothing & Art
Silver and neon orange pendant light by Earth Sea Warrior
Hello, I Love You print by Mengsel Design
Love You nightlight by Owly Shadow Puppets
Modern baby outfit by From Marissa V.
Neon pink cat doll by Mia Hansen Design
Honeycomb with neon bracelet by Cyclical Industries

images by their respective owners

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Alice Apple 2012 Calendar

Alice Apple 2012 calendar

Hard to imagine a more cheerful calendar than this one by Alice Apple. One of my favorite Etsy shops.

It measures 17.25″ x 11.25″.

What are your favorite 2012 calendars so far?

Image: Alice Burrows for Alice Apple

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I Am Awesome

I will never forget that I am awesome by The Small Object

And so are you.

(And whenever I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.)

Coming soon from The Small Object.

Image: The Small Object

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Handmade Favorites: Leah Duncan

Triangles pillow by Leah Duncan

Elle Summer Scarf by Leah Duncan

My heart to your heart print by Leah Duncan

Raindrop pillow by Leah Duncan

Circles Lines and Shapes print set by Leah Duncan \

Is it too early to start talking about my birthday in August?
Because everything from Leah Duncan’s shop is on my list.

Images: Leah Duncan

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Favorites: Hopscotch Mat by Cool Spaces for Kids

Hopscotch Mat by Cool Spaces for Kids

Perfect to roll up and bring to the park, or to play inside on a rainy day – and a great solution for those who don’t have a sidewalk or a paved driveway either. I love this mat by Cool Spaces for Kids – it would make a great gift for any kid.

Image: Cool Spaces for Kids
via åpent hus

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