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Five Fun Ideas From Photojojo

Fun with PhotoJoJo by Charlotte's Fancy

Photojojo is an online store that “finds the best photo shiz anywhere.” (They really do.)

These are five favorites that I’m pretty sure my family would get a huge kick out of:

1. A digital time lapse camera ($149)
2. Camera cookie cutter set ($18)
3. A Holga lens attachment for your iPhone ($30)
4. A panoramic lens for your iPhone ($49)
5. A tripod for your bicycle helmet ($22)

I’m thinking Father’s Day.

Much more to see in the Photojojo shop. If you like to experiment and have fun with photography, this is the place you need to be.

Happy Friday! Wishing you a fun-filled weekend.


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Meet Me at the Playground

Playground by Horst Kiechle

“I’ve always believed that supermarkets tell more about a culture than museums – looking through my image archive I am slowly thinking that the same could be true about playgrounds.” – Horst Kiechle

This beautiful old playset is near Osaka Municipal Central Library, Kitahorie, Nishi-ku. See Kiechle’s full set of playground images here.

Image: Horst Kiechle
Via Poppytalk/Pinterest

Today is your last chance to leave a comment for my Royal Lace paper doily giveaway (5pm EST).

Happy weekend!

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New from Polkka Jam




New Christmas and winter postcard and poster designs from Finnish duo Kristiina & Sami of Polkka Jam.

I love these new tea towels too:

Many more wonderful designs to see on their website. You can also check out their blog (in Finnish).


Do you remember this blog post about Stomping Ground – the husband and wife team of Kelsey and Dennis Kleiman who are reinventing school photos? I was so excited to see them featured in this story in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. The slideshow accompanying the story is really cute.

If you want to know more about Stomping Ground, visit their website and blog. If you live in the New York area, they hold open studio sessions once or twice a year for families – follow them on Facebook to find out when.

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Stomping Ground

Elena and Rosa photo by Stomping Ground

Remember when I was dreaming about cool school photos? Well, I took matters into my own hands and went to an open studio session with Stomping Ground in Manhattan a month ago to have our family photos taken.

Isn’t this photo the best?

We have never had our family portraits taken before, so I didn’t know how much a photo – a really really good photo – could be such a treasure. Now I know.

Image: Dennis Kleiman/Stomping Ground

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Color For Your Weekend



kontorkontur_08_blue1 (1)





Just about anything arranged by color – especially like this, which makes you want to inspect each object in the photo – is fun. These are from the Kontor Kontur, a design collaborative in Göteborg, Sweden.

Happy Passover and Easter to you, my friends. If I haven’t said it lately, thank you for reading Charlotte’s Fancy.

Images: Kontor Kontur
via Sara Strand

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The Coolest $1 You’ll Ever Spend

Name in Chalk by Mia Nolting

For $1, Mia Nolting will write your name in chalk and email you a print-quality photograph. The best part? You’ll help her pay off her student loans. Win!

I hope no one I know is reading this blog post, because they’re all getting one of these.

Images: Mia Nolting
via Abbey of Aesthetic Outburst (@a_outburst) and Julia Rothman

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Photography by Hilda Grahnat

Vintage items in yellow photo by Hilda Grahnat

Vintage items in red photo by Hilda Grahnat

Vintage items in black and white by Hilda Grahnat

Vintage items in brown by Hilda Grahnat

I am mesmerized by Swedish artist Hilda Grahnat’s vintage items by color photo series (there are a few more photos in this series on her website, as well as a range of other excellent work). She also has a terrific blog – I am in love with the photos of her mother’s dollhouse.

When I was a kid in the 1970s, my favorite toys were the Fisher Price Little People sets – the castle, the hospital, the Sesame Street apartment building (and many others) – which are all like playing with dollhouses,  because the sets included furniture + people + a building. So when I see a neat dollhouse (particularly a vintage one, but also the one I blogged about last week), it really transports me back to my childhood. I can actually feel what it was like to play, making up dialogue and scenes in my mind.

Be sure to visit Hilda’s shop, blog and website. So much talent and she’s only 23!

Shop | Blog | Website

Images: Hilda Grahnat, used with permission
via Darling Clementine

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