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Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Loop Scarf

I decided to make some Valentine’s Day loop scarves for the girls – a super simple Valentine’s Day craft for those of you, like me, who like to create, but also like to keep it easy.

Basically you cut a t-shirt, paint a design on both sides, and then wear it like a rock star.


  • t-shirt (preferably an adult M or L)
  • piece of cardboard to slide inside the shirt
  • fabric paint
  • sponge paintbrushes (look for the brushes they sell with the fabric paint)
  • paper plate for the paint
  • heart stencil (I made mine with a piece of posterboard and a heart punch)

Cutting the t-shirt

After washing and ironing the shirt (uh, I kind of skipped the ironing step…), cut straight across under the arms and cut off the bottom hem. Slide a piece of stiff cardboard inside the fabric to keep it flat and to keep the paint from bleeding through.

Fabric painting a Valentine's Day scarf

Several hearts painted on this Valentine's Day scarf

Paint paint paint!

Easy Valentine's Day scarf by Charlotte's Fancy

Let the first side dry thoroughly (won’t take long), then flip it over and paint the other side.

I made a gray one with white hearts too!

Gray Valentine's Scarf by Charlotte's Fancy

Easy peasy.

I’d show you a picture of the girls wearing the scarves, but they are a Valentine’s Day secret. If you want to see how it looks when you wear it, check out the picture of the Marimekko-inspired scarves we made a couple of years ago.

My friend Jen over at Classic Play has another painted fabric scarf tutorial that is so cute and just as easy – go take a look.

More easy-to-make (last minute!) Valentine’s Day crafts:

This votive is one of my all-time favorites.
Try this easy sugar scrub recipe.
These dyed doilies are by far my most popular blog post.

Images: Charlotte’s Fancy

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Valentine’s Day Surprise Crackers by Lottie Loves

Valentines cracker by Lottie Loves

Thinking about making a couple of these this weekend for my girls. See the tutorial over at the Lottie Loves blog (Charlotte Rivers‘ beautiful blog). Another idea: adapt these Halloween surprise balls for Valentine’s Day.

Images: Lottie Loves

UPDATE (Feb 10, 2015): Hi Guys – thanks for all the inquiries about these Valentine’s Day crackers. Apparently the Lottie Loves blog either doesn’t exist or it’s viewed by invitation only. There are lots of surprise cracker tutorials out there you can adapt for this craft. Try this one from Oh Happy Day! but instead of using Christmas goodies, use Valentine’s Day goodies.

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A Jar of Hearts For Your Sweetie

This “Jar of Hearts” is an easy and sweet craft by Jessica Wilson, perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift. Take a peek at the steps, and then head over to CRAFT to see the full tutorial:

I like how customizable this craft is – you can use all different kinds of papers and different containers to hold the hearts. And of course, whatever tiny trinkets strike your fancy.

Also, see Jessica’s blog Scrumdilly-do for lots more ideas.

Images: Jessica Wilson
via: CRAFT

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Cupcake Liner Valentine’s Day Cards

Cupcake Liner Ribbon Cards for Valentine's Day by Urban Comfort

Cupcake Liner Card by Urban Comfort Cupcake Liner Card 2 by Urban Comfort

Cute idea for a Valentine’s Day craft! Suzonne of the Urban Comfort blog made these into Valentine’s Day cards, but I think they would make great pins too.

Get the tutorial here, and be sure to check out the Urban Comfort blog – Suzonne has many great ideas.

Images: Suzonne Stirling / Urban Comfort
via The Crafty Crow


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My Doily Craft in Country Woman Magazine

A few months ago, Country Woman Magazine (which is in the Readers Digest family of magazines) asked for permission to include my doily dyeing craft in their Jan/Feb 2011 issue. I’d forgotten about it until I received the issue in the mail yesterday.

Country Woman Magazine Jan/Feb 2011

Doily Craft in Country Woman Magazine

Charlottes Fancy Doily Craft in Country Woman Magazine

Charlottes Fancy Doily Craft Close Up in Country Woman Magazine

Country Woman Magazine Spread with Charlotte's Fancy Craft

So, that was kind of exciting!

Can you tell my copy has already taken a beating? The girls were excited – jumping around with it, grabbing it from each other, waving it around. It’s cute how proud they were.

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[Crafty Monday] Valentine’s Day Votive

I love this project: it’s a candle holder decorated with tissue paper.  It’s easy, it’s pretty, it’s fast, it makes a good gift, and it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

tissue paper
glass jar  (preferably one with a wide mouth, to easily put a candle in it)
Mod Podge
sponge brush

To start, cut out a strip  of tissue paper that is equal to the width of your jar.  At the same time, cut some tissue paper hearts of different colors and sizes.

Using a sponge brush, gently brush the Mod Podge around the top and the bottom of the strip of tissue paper (you don’t need to coat the entire strip of tissue paper in Mod Podge – just the edges). The tissue paper is delicate, so you have to be careful.

You do not have to wait for that strip to dry before gluing on your hearts.

When gluing on the hearts, always start your brush strokes from the middle and move out to the edges.

Cover the entire heart with a layer of Mod Podge. Keep adding more hearts until you have finished gluing them all the way around the jar. Be especially careful when brushing on the Mod Podge where the hearts overlap.

It will be very wet, but don’t worry – it will dry nice and clear.

When it’s dry, light a tea light candle or a votive candle and see how pretty it is.

I made two of them.

Another reason I love this craft: you can adapt it for any holiday, or for everyday use by picking whatever tissue paper colors and shapes you want.

If you make one, please send me a picture!

* * *

On an unrelated note: head over to sfgirlbybay today and read about the “Blog it Forward/Blogger Mash-Up” project she’s coordinating. I joined up and can’t wait to blog it forward.

Also, on Thursday I am guest blogging over at Kind Over Matter with an easy Valentine’s Day gift idea (yay!), so I hope you’ll visit me over there.

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[Crafty Monday] Rainbow Bracelets

Today’s craft is courtesy of Elena, who wanted to show you how to make easy bracelets out of pony beads and yarn.

These are pony beads, which you can easily find at any craft store in a huge variety of colors and styles and sizes (get big ones for this project):

Getting started:
• Cut a piece of yarn about as long as your arm span (both arms)
• Double the yarn, and make a big loop, and tie a knot, like this:

You can cut the loop, after you tie the knot, and, if you want, tape down the knotted end to the surface you’re working on to help you hold it in place. Tape the knot end closest to you.

Before you start threading beads, wrap a piece of scotch tape around the ends of the yarn to help you thread the yarn through the beads easier. (Think of the way your shoelaces have the plastic ends to help you thread them through the eyelets).

How to thread the beads:
To thread the beads, take the right piece of yarn and thread two beads, like this (I’ve already threaded a few beads, to let you see what it looks like):

Then take the left piece of yarn, and also thread them through the beads, like this:

Take the ends of the yarn and pull:

The yarn is pretty long, so keep pulling until the beads are all the way to the end:

There! To add more beads, just start again – thread two beads with the right piece of yarn, then thread the left piece of yarn through the beads, and pull.

When you decide that the bracelet is as long as you want it to be, simply take the ends of yarn and tie a standard knot and pull it tight against the end of the last two beads.

Then, to wear it, you can either tie both ends of the bracelet with a regular knot (with enough room to slip on and off the wrist) or with a simple bow tie, like you tie your shoes.

I kinda made mine like a lanyard:

Then I decided it would make a good keychain:

Elena and our friend Lolly made some Valentine’s Day bracelets:

These beads are great for experimenting with colors and patterns.

Try it! Your kids will enjoy making their own jewelry.

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