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Home and Delicious Issue 2

Home and Delicious Issue 2 Cover

The second issue of Icelandic magazine Home & Delicious is now out, and it’s just as beautiful as the first one. Go take a look – you won’t be sorry.

Image: Home & Delicious

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Favorites: National Parks Explorers Guide

National Parks Explorers Guide by Ello There

National Parks Explorers Map close up by Ello There

Five years ago, I wouldn’t have loved this National Parks Explorers Guide by Ello There as much as I do now, because over the past few years, we’ve taken our girls to quite a few places on this map. (I wrote about our road trip to see Mount Rushmore, Devil’s Tower, Yellowstone and more here.)

The Explorers Guide is mounted on canvas, ready to hang, and comes with colorful tree stickers to mark the parks you’ve been to. Not only is it a beautiful addition to your home, it’s surely a lovely reminder of your travels.

Find the Explorers Guide ($115) in the Ello There shop here.

Images: Ello There
via Paper Crave

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Read It: Home and Delicious

Home & Delicious coverPastel colors spread from Home & Delicious

Dipped ideas spread by Home & Delicious

Kitchen spread by Home & Delicious

Churches tell stories spread by Home & Delicious

Icelandic churches in Home & Delicious

Hello again – and welcome to my new readers – thanks so much for joining me here. I took last week off to get some things done around my house, but now I’m back and I have lots to share.

Home & Delicious (don’t you love the name?) is a brand new Icelandic magazine by Halla Bára Gestsdóttir and her husband Gunnar Sverrison. The first issue is loaded with beautiful photos, recipes, craft ideas, and much more. I loved leafing through all 180+ pages. Take a look for yourself here and see what you think.

You can also find the Home & Delicious website here and blog here.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared the live webcams of Iceland. There’s another new Icelandic website, Tiny Iceland, in case (like me) you just can’t get enough of the beautiful photos and videos.

All images: Home & Delicious
via Nordic Design

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Simple Modern Sewing

Simple Modern Sewing

I stumbled  across this beautiful book (“Simple Modern Sewing: 8 Basic Patterns to Create 25 Favorite Garments”) at the bookstore recently and took a photo of it, because I wanted to remember it. I have only basic (very basic) sewing skills, but if I were to take lessons, like my daughters do, I’d want to learn by using these 8 patterns.

If you want to see some of the inside pages, take a look at Sister Diane’s very glowing review of this book here. The book is published by Interweave Press.

On a totally unrelated note, Catherine from Nordic Design posted a link to these live webcams of Iceland, and I am mesmerized by them – especially since  I first looked at them when the sun was rising and the views were stunning (although not all of the cameras seem to work, unfortunately). I would love to go back to Iceland sometime soon.

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Stay Cool!

Dupli Dos house by Juma Architects

Dupli Dos house 2 by Juma Architects

Dupli Dos house 3 by Juma Architects

It’s supposed to be a hot one this weekend, so I’m trying to keep cool by pretending I’m on vacation here! (Hey, a girl can dream, right?)

Images: Breathtaking “Dupli Dos” house in Ibiza, designed by Belgian firm Juma Architects (click the link for more photos). via Design Milk

Don’t forget that tomorrow, June 30, is your last day to get free shipping on the vintage-inspired Lalé suitcases from French Blossom. Use the code LALE.

Happy Weekend! Stay cool!

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Scandic Grand Central in Stockholm

Scandic Grand Central hotel room

Scandic Grand Central bathroom

Scandic Grand Central window view

The newly-opened Scandic Grand Central in Stockholm is gorgeous, isn’t it? After seeing these pictures, I’m dreaming of visiting Stockholm again.

A few years ago, we stayed in the Scandic Hasselbacken in Stockholm, and it was one of the prettiest hotels we’ve stayed in. I highly recommend it, especially if you have younger kids, because it’s close to a lot of fun things to do, including Junibacken and Skansen. (And it has the most amazing, organic breakfast spread you have ever seen.)

Images: Scandic
via emmas designblogg

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Iceland Is Calling Me Back

Iceland pic by Kris Atomic



I have this general rule about traveling that I always want to go to a new place, rather than go back to a place where I’ve already been. And it’s just because I don’t have enough money or time to do all the traveling I want to do, so my priority is to see new places.

But, I’ve been yearning to go back to Iceland, where we went last fall, like no other place I’ve visited before.

Kris Atomic’s photos (over 10 blog posts) help transport me there. If you want to see other beautiful Iceland photos, check out Mathieu Noel and Martin Ystenes.

Images: Kris Atomic

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Royal Botania’s Kokoon

Kokoon by Royal Botania

Royal Botanio outdoor chair 2 via Apent Hus

Whatever it costs to lounge around in one of these for a few days on a vacation, I’ll pay it.

Belgian company Royal Botania‘s Kokoon is dreamy.

Images: Royal Botania
via DigDigs

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Susan Liebe

Susan Liebe porcelain box

Susan Liebe yellow and mint porcelain box susan-liebe-krukke

Susan Liebe  Susan Liebe krukker

Susan Liebe pink and yellow ceramic box

When I was in Copenhagen a couple of months ago, I saw these beautiful porcelain jars (“krukker”) made by Susan Liebe and fell in love with them, but I forgot to make a note of the artist.  I was pleasantly surprised to see them on Darling Clementine’s blog the other day.

Aren’t they sweet? They are so pretty in person – they would be perfect for your dressing table (I don’t have one, but I always coveted my grandmother’s). I wanted to bring home a set of them for my daughters.

I also saw her pretty little earrings in several shops around Copenhagen:

Earrings by Susan Liebe

See more in Susan Liebe’s shop and on her blog.

Images: Susan Liebe

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Favorites: Camilla Lundsten for Scandic Europe Hotels

Scandic Hotels Europe design by Camilla Lundsten

Scandic Hotels Europe design 3 by Camilla Lundsten

Scandic Hotels Europe design close up by Camilla Lundsten

Scandic Hotels Europe design 4 by Camilla Lundsten

I just stumbled across Camilla Lundsten‘s 2009 “module playconcept” design for the family friendly Scandic hotel chain’s 155 European hotels.

“The concept is designed with sustainability, clever economy, effective production and implementation in mind. And most importantly boundless play options for kids.” I’ll say. If this doesn’t inspire endless imagination and creativity, I don’t know what would.

See this previous post on Camilla Lundsten for other design inspiration, and don’t miss her amazing website – so much to see and love, including some designs she did for Brio that I was crazy about a few years ago (after my girls, unfortunately, were a little too old for them).

Incidentally, we stayed at the Scandic Hasselbacken in Stockholm, and it is one of my all time favorite hotels. Great location, beautiful rooms, and the best breakfast I’ve ever had. Hands down.

Images: Camilla Lundsten

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