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More Handmade Holiday Gifts 2012

Holiday Gift Ideas for All 2012 by Charlotte's Fancy

1. In the clouds medium-sized pitcher (€35 or about $46 USD) by Ninainvorm
2. Children’s tote with red hen (£7 or about $11.50 USD) by Little Chook
3. Pippi Longstocking laser cut shadow puppet ($15.50) by Isabella’s Art
4. Ombre mittens ($45) by ReRae at Ship Shape
5. Glassy acorn necklace ($40) by Lazy Jane
6. Practice makes awesome pencils ($8.50, set of 6) by Earmark
7. Small baby name heart sampler ($44) by Miniature Rhino
8. Sugar and cream set ($84) by Pigeon Toe Ceramics
9. Wooden laser cut neon dipped locket ($50 AUD or about $53 USD) by So Little Time Co.
1o. Wooden beer carrier with built in bottle opener ($40) by Meriwether
11. Circus stamp set ($24.50) by Yellow Owl Workshop

A little something for everyone today!

Here’s a wrap up of the week:
Gifts for Her
Gifts for Him
Gifts for Girls
Gifts for Boys
and the complete archive of Holiday Gift Guides here.

If there’s one thing I’ve tried to do this week, it’s to show you the range of beautiful, unique items out there from small/independent/handmade businesses.

Skip the mall. Shop small.


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Handmade Holiday Gifts for Boys 2012

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide for Boys 2012 by Charlotte's Fancy

1. Bat Couple (€72 or about $94 USD) by Jipi Jipi
2. Rey Mysterio handcrafted mask ($16.99) by Wear the Mask
3. Wooden acorn spinning tops ($38, set of five) by Noli Noli Handmade
4. Friendly Sharks sketchbook ($11.50) by Ecojot
5. Mustache stamp set (€10 or about $13 USD) by dekrantenkapper
6. Fort building kit ($85) by A Little Party
7. Kevin Caterpillar lambswool scarf ($42) by Sara Carr
8. Vintage wooden building blocks from Poland ($18) from Retro Broad
9. Kids t-shirt with vintage camera and strap ($17) by Last Earth
10. Kisses goodnight pillow cover ($58) by Colette Bream

Tomorrow: it’s a surprise. (Code for “I haven’t decided yet.”)

In case you missed them: Holiday Gifts for Her, Him, and Girls. And here are the archives of all of my Gift Guides for the past 4 years.

Are these helping? Finding things you like? Leading you to other ideas or shops you didn’t know about? I hope so.

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Handmade Holiday Gifts for Girls 2012

Holiday Gift Guide for Girls 2012 by Charlotte's Fancy

1. Canvas “house” totes (£22 or about $35USD) by nyny
2. Wooden toy set with girl and cats ($32) by mielasiela
3. Endless summer geo pop necklace ($40 AUD or about $43 USD) by Fruit Loop Jewellery
4. Fox leggings ($28) by The Trendy Tot
5. Knit cloud pillow ($50) by Ko Ko Ko Home
6. Mint hearts ($44) by Herman Marie
7. Girl with bow screenprinted poster ($25) by Jordan Grace Owens
8. Super Bear ($42) by Leilalou
9. Wildflowers “Wonder” tent ($249 AUD or about $267 USD) by Such Great Heights

The Wildflowers tent (available in other patterns) is expensive, but if you’re looking for a truly special gift, this is it.

  • Tomorrow: Handmade Holiday Gift Guide for Boys
  • See my Gift Guides for Her and Him from earlier this week. Also, you can also see my archive of Holiday Gift Guides here.
  • For Friday’s guide, I need your feedback! I haven’t decided: should I do a Baby Gift Guide? Teen Gift Guide? Stocking stuffers? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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Handmade Holiday Gifts for Him 2012

Handmade Holiday Gift Guide for Him by Charlotte's Fancy

Why are finding gifts for guys so hard? Is it just me? Here are a few suggestions I hope you like:

1. Vintage pop art Star Wars posters ($40, set of three) by Poster Inspired
2. Gray, red and white plaid men’s bow tie ($19.50) by Moaning Minnie
3. iPhone case w/ beer bottle opener (sold out between the time I bookmarked this and published this blog post, but contact the seller or keep an eye on the shop for more; this shop has a similar case) by Funky Phone Cases
4. Vintage Careers board game ($24) from Jill Hannah
5. Grey wool felt with brown leather iPad sleeve ($48) by Byrd and Belle
6. Massaman peanut butter sandwich cookies ($9 for six) by Whimsy and Spice
7. Leather wine rack for bikes ($29 CAD or about $29.75 USD) by oopsmark
8. Monaco blue infinity scarf ($19.90) by Zojanka
9. Vintage 1960s soccer dice pub game in leather pouch ($48) by Jan’s Vintage Stuff

Tomorrow: Holiday Gifts for Girls

In case you missed it, yesterday’s Holiday Gifts for Her

And here is my archive of Holiday Gift Guides

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Handmade Holiday Gifts for Her 2012

Holiday Gift Guide for Her by Charlotte's Fancy

I went to the mall yesterday, and it reminded me how much nicer it is to shop for unique, handmade items from small business owners who put their hearts into their work.

1. Wooden bow tie necklace (£12 or about $19.60 USD) by Lucie Ellen
2. Hand printed linen cushion cover ($32 AUD or about $34.15 USD) by Hello Milky
3. Logpile tea tray ($45) by Roddy & Ginger
4. Leather storage tote ($160) by Gildem
5. Mountains teapot and 2 cups (€32 or about $41.75 USD) by Asleep From Day
6. Gold Zag tray ($98) by Up in the Air Somewhere
7. Porcelain and brown leather hanging planter (45) by Farrahsit
8. Reversible half apron – orange mod flowers ($42) by oktak
9. Ceramic salt, pepper and sugar cellars in yellow ($45) by RossLab
10. Adventure of the Month calendar ($14) by Little Low

Tomorrow: Handmade Gifts for Him

My archive of holiday gift guides (three years’ worth) is here


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Last Minute Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids

1. 7 Pack of Socks by Mini Boden
2. Christmas Strawberry Lollipop by Hammond’s
3. Pipe Cleaners (in a variety of colors) by eeBoo
4. Menagerie by The Animal Print Shop / Sharon Montrose
5. Yellow Elephant Zipper Pouch by Kimoley Bags
6. The Best Pencil Set by One Up Designs
7. Memory Match 16 by Kid O
8. Hopscotch Kids Nail Polish by Scotch Naturals
9. Candy Candy Flavored Pop Rocks (available everywhere)
10. Awika Wind Up Toy available at MoMA
11. Star Wars in Your Pocket at Paper Source
12. 3D Drawing Pad at Think Geek

Stockings are my favorite. The best part of Christmas.

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Handmade Holiday Picks (Part 3)

1. Bright fun building block fridge magnets ($13.49) by Alice Apple
2. Hello sunshine mug ($25) by Oh Leander
3. X marks the spot kids tee ($28) by b. children’s wear
4. Love pillow ($48) by Love Maki
5. Handmade girl doll with knitted clothes ($104.25) by Hasenpfeffer
6. Pink floral dishtowel ($18) by Lisa Rupp
7.  Go fish notecards, set of eight ($12.50) by Nella Designs
8. Keyboard shortcuts pencil set ($6) by oneupdesigns
9. Camera cookies ($35) by Manjar Sweets
10. Comic hero Zow! cape ($30) by Ellie Bellie Kids
11. Dawn to Dusk placemats ($45) by Satsuki Shibuya
12. Golden snitch locket ($26) by Spiffing Jewelry
13. Leather camera strap ($85) by eat sleep play
14. Modern case study architectural birdhouse with attached pool ($225) by Burd Haus
15. Atari cartridges print, 11 x 14 ($50) by Hollis Brown Thornton

Please be sure to see all of my Holiday Gift Guides for gift giving inspiration.

images from their respective owners

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Handmade Holiday Picks (Part 2)

1. Floor cushion ($92.59) by lacasadecotó
2. Personalized Santa sack ($31.72) by Rocket and Bear
3. Folkdance shopping tote ($17) by Roddy & Ginger
4. Silly seal natural rubber stamp ($18) by Ink + Wit
5. Happy Badge party pack ($19.03) by Tea & Ceremony
6. Lovebird pitcher ($39.49) by ninainvorm
7. Cigar pattern screenprint ($15) by lfdept
8. Interchangeable necklace ($30) by Happy Doodle Land
9. Mini goals chalkboard ($55) by Mary Kate McDevitt
10. Custom embroidered necklace ($32) by Merriweather Council
11. Apple wall hanging ($44) by oktak
12. Print your own 2012 calendar ($14.67) by Modern Emotive
13. Seasons set of four prints ($24) by Leah Duncan

(Note: if the prices seem a little funny, it’s likely that the Etsy shop is not located in the US, but don’t let that deter you from ordering from their shop.)

Still more holiday picks to come, in case you need more inspiration. You can also click the “Holiday Gift Guide” link under Categories (on the right) to see all the gift guides I’ve put together over the past three years.

Images from their respective owners

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Handmade Holiday Picks (Part 1)

1. Flower Field cushion covers ($34.35 each) by Skinny Laminx
2. Itty bitty concrete planters ($15 each) by Tortoise Loves Donkey
3. Scandinavian enamel bowl ($98) from Olive and Frances
4. Lemon chalcedony cluster necklace ($42) by Friedasophie
5. Aqua Breeze weekly tote ($120) by Smidgebox Designs
6. Vintage buttons from ($7) Such Sweet Tierney
7. Snow globe stamp ($12.50) from Present & Correct
8. Mary Jane slippers ($64) by LaLa Shoes
9. Pink rain cloud onesie ($28) by bchildrenswear
10. Lambswool owl ($39.80) by Sally Nencini
11. Custom recipe cards ($30) by Paisley Tree Press
12. Merry Maker peppermint soap ($8) by Nostalgia Organics
13. Queen size blanket ($100) by PataPri
14. Custom calligraphy stamp ($45) by Meant To Be Calligraphy
15. Apple tree bicycle plate ($18) by KoKoKo Shop
16. Felt mouse in a matchbox (~$21) by Atelier Pompadour
17. Warm trousers with huge side pockets ($35) by Adatine

Remember to support small businesses this holiday season.

Stay tuned for more holiday picks!

images from their respective owners

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Handmade Holidays 2010: Gifts for Babies

I could do a whole week of just baby gift suggestions. This is my favorite round-up from the whole week.

Zen mini lavendar ballet flats by LaLa shoes Baby blanket mountains pattern by Pata Pri
Walter the Giraffe stuffed toy by Contemori Hand knit duffel coat by Pilland
Small porcelain nightlight by Wendy Jung Night Night mushrooms by Flying Star Toys
Lambswool blanket with rainbow bobbles by Rocketbear Large up up print by lovemaki
Organic bath wash by Nostalgia Organics Organic sapling stacker by Little Sapling Toys
Little lamb wool hat by Sweetpeatoadtots Baby Lamb photo by Sharon Montrose

Zen mini lavender ballet flats ($45) by LaLa Shoes
“Mountains” baby blanket ($58) by Pata Pri

Walter the Giraffe ($27) by Contemori
Hand knit duffel coat ($89) by Pilland

Small porcelain nightlight ($44) by Wendy Jung
Night Night mushrooms ($29.95 for 1, $95, set of 4) by Flying Star Toys

Lambswool blanket with rainbow bobbles ($77) by Rocket and Bear
Large (13″ x 19″) Up Up print ($40) by lovemaki

Organic baby bath wash for sensitive skin, fragrance free ($12) by Nostalgia Organics
Organic sapling stacker toy ($24) by Little Sapling Toys

Little lamb wool hat ($40) by sweetpeatoadtots
Baby Lamb No. 2, 8.5″ x 11″ ($25) by Sharon Montrose/The Animal Print Shop

Last year’s gift guide for babies.

Ok, so now that the week of gift guides is done, did you find inspiration? Have any particular favorites? Did you buy anything? Excited to find some new shops? I hope so. I had fun putting them together and added a ton of new favorites to my own list.

Next week I’ve got a fun giveaway for you, so stay tuned!

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