[Family Friday] Back to School Organizing

The first day of school is (EEK!) Tuesday! I’ve been thinking a lot about routines and how to get (and stay!) organized. I’d been toying with the idea of designing a daily routine poster to remind the girls of the things they need to do each day, so I was happy to find these free printable Morning Routine cards by Amy Locurto of Living Locurto over at One Pretty Thing:


This is a good start – I need all four of these cards (which come in pink/green too). Although, now that I think about it, my kids do these in the exact opposite order.

I also need afternoon cards. She has a routine chart here (also yours free to print):


I need a chart with the dreaded H word, which comes after the snack.

I need evening cards too:

– Pick out an outfit for tomorrow (more on this in a minute)
– Get your backpack together (remember your library book, permission slip, lunch money, etc.)
– Pick up the toys and clothes in your room
– Pajamas on, brush your teeth
– Read a story, lights out

Ok, I guess I do need to put together a daily routine poster.

Incidentally, here’s another great organizing idea from Living Locurto: free printable days of the week hanger tags to help sort out a week’s worth of outfits for your kids. I like this idea because my kids have a ton of clothes, and they tend to want to wear the same two or three outfits over and over again. So, picking out a week’s worth gently encourages them to try new outfits.

Days of the Week Outfit tags

Days of the Week Outfit tags 2

If you’re on Twitter, you can follow Living Locurto @LivingLocurto and One Pretty Thing @OnePrettyThing.

I hope you have a great holiday weekend! See you back here on Tuesday.

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    Amy said,

    Wow! Thanks for such a great shout out:-) I hope all of these help you out. They sure work well for me. Have a great weekend!

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