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Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Loop Scarf

I decided to make some Valentine’s Day loop scarves for the girls – a super simple Valentine’s Day craft for those of you, like me, who like to create, but also like to keep it easy.

Basically you cut a t-shirt, paint a design on both sides, and then wear it like a rock star.


  • t-shirt (preferably an adult M or L)
  • piece of cardboard to slide inside the shirt
  • fabric paint
  • sponge paintbrushes (look for the brushes they sell with the fabric paint)
  • paper plate for the paint
  • heart stencil (I made mine with a piece of posterboard and a heart punch)

Cutting the t-shirt

After washing and ironing the shirt (uh, I kind of skipped the ironing step…), cut straight across under the arms and cut off the bottom hem. Slide a piece of stiff cardboard inside the fabric to keep it flat and to keep the paint from bleeding through.

Fabric painting a Valentine's Day scarf

Several hearts painted on this Valentine's Day scarf

Paint paint paint!

Easy Valentine's Day scarf by Charlotte's Fancy

Let the first side dry thoroughly (won’t take long), then flip it over and paint the other side.

I made a gray one with white hearts too!

Gray Valentine's Scarf by Charlotte's Fancy

Easy peasy.

I’d show you a picture of the girls wearing the scarves, but they are a Valentine’s Day secret. If you want to see how it looks when you wear it, check out the picture of the Marimekko-inspired scarves we made a couple of years ago.

My friend Jen over at Classic Play has another painted fabric scarf tutorial that is so cute and just as easy – go take a look.

More easy-to-make (last minute!) Valentine’s Day crafts:

This votive is one of my all-time favorites.
Try this easy sugar scrub recipe.
These dyed doilies are by far my most popular blog post.

Images: Charlotte’s Fancy

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More Favorite Valentines

Watercolor hearts card by Social Proper

By Social Proper

Badger Love You card by Banquet

By Banquet Atelier & Workshop

Be Mine by Tabletop Made

By Tabletop Made

Love Tokens Card by Tea & Ceremony

By Tea & Ceremony

You are pretty by Studio Slomo

By Studio SloMo

Valentine collection by Kathryn Whyte

By Kathryn Whyte

Do you have a favorite?

Yesterday I tweeted a plea to companies* that make boxed kid valentines to please start selling them as sets of 25 or 30. Class sizes are bigger than 20 these days. Are you with me? I passed up some really adorable boxed valentines because I didn’t want to buy a  second box for the extra 3 or 4 cards I needed, and bought cardmaking supplies at Paper Source instead.

*an exception: eeBoo makes really sweet valentines in sets of 30 + 2 teacher valentines (but they don’t come with envelopes, and I think envelopes are half the fun).

images by their respective owners

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i carry your heart with me

Heart mugs from byGraziela with ee cummings poem

The design of these sweet mugs from byGraziela reminded me of the e.e. cummings poem,
I carry your heart with me

Image: byGraziela

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DIY Valentine Invitation for a Lovely Night In

Popcorn valentine invitation by Eat Drink Chic

Amy Moss of Eat Drink Chic has this fun idea for a cozy Valentine’s Day evening at home. The designs are free for you to download, and she includes a helpful list of supplies you will need.

It’s a sweet idea, and if you have kids and you want to include them too, you could easily expand this craft to share the evening with more people. I know my girls would love it.

Image: Amy Moss / Eat Drink Chic

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Love limited edition print by Helen Dardik

“Love” print (8 x 8″) by Helen Dardik. $20

The Couple print by Blanca Gomez

“The Couple” print (8 x 11.5″) by Blanca Gomez. $30

Scooter Cross the Mersey print by S. Britt

“Scooter Cross the Mersey” print (8.5 x 11″) by S. Britt. $25

Love Bird print by Lisa K. Stubbs

“Love Bird 1″ print (8 x 11.5”) by Lisa Stubbs. £22 (~$36)

Dancing Print by Judy Kaufmann

“Dancing” print (8 x 11.5″) by Judy Kaufmann. $25

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Valentine’s Day with Sophie + Lili

Jennifer Vallez of Sophie & Lili has some terrific mini Valentine’s Day dolls and customizable printable valentines in her shop:

Sophie and Lili Valentine's Mini Doll Blonde Sophie and Lili Valentine's Mini Doll Pom Pom hair

Sophie and Lili Valentine's Mini Doll Pixie Sophie and Lili Valentine's Mini Doll Black hair

8″ Valentine’s mini dolls come in four styles and are backed with Suzy Ultman’s “Kiss Me” fabric. $15 each. (These are not customizable like the other dolls in her shop).

One of these dolls would make a special gift on Valentine’s Day for your favorite girl.

And Jen’s printable valentines come in two styles each for boys and girls and are customizable:

Sophie and Lili Printable Valentines Girl with Braids

Sophie and Lili Printable Valentines Boy

Printable valentines (Custom Name) come 4 to a sheet (A2 size). Envelopes are not included. $8 to print as many as you want.

Sophie and Lili Printable You're Sweet Valentines Girl

Sophie and Lili Printable You're Sweet Valentines Boy

Printable valentines (Fill In Name), also $8.

See her shop for details on customizing valentines with hair color, hair style and skin color choices, and if you want to buy colorful A2 envelopes to go with the valentines, Paper Source is an excellent place to get them from.

And, I don’t think I’ve mentioned on the blog before that Jen makes custom boy dolls now too, complete with superhero capes:

Custom Boy Superhero Dolls by Sophie and Lili

12″ dolls custom dolls are $30.

Here’s what I especially like about printable valentines: almost all boxes of valentines you buy at the store come in sets of 20, but often, there are more than 20 kids per class. Both Elena and Rosa have more than 20 kids in their classes this year. Also, since you can print out as many as you want, your kids can send them to grandparents and other family members and give them to friends who might not be in their class.

More Valentine’s Day posts to come – also, Valentine’s Day card round-ups this week on Pushing Papers.

Visit the Sophie & Lili shop
Become a fan on Facebook

Images: Sophie & Lili

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[Favorites] Shot Through the Heart

Just got my valentine from Carina of Crow & Canary in the mail today.

Freaking awesome.

Card by Squirrel Loves Nut of Portland (beautifully made, too).

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[Surprise Tuesday] Surprise Valentines by Lavish

Remember how I said yesterday that I’d signed up for Crow and Canary’s valentine swap? One of my swap partners is Jen Wheat of the lovely Lavish Design Studio, where she collaborates with her husband Jeremy (see their shop filled with sustainable paper goods). Yesterday, I received a wonderful, thick green envelope from her in the mail with not one but FOUR of their fun designs. How lucky am I?

Aren’t they great?

Thank you, Jen, for being so generous. It was such a treat to receive the cards.

You should read Jen’s blog “Papers & Packages” – once I started reading it, I discovered that we like a lot of the same things.

* * *

I mentioned briefly last Monday that I signed up to participate in sfgirlbybay’s Blog It Forward mash up. What started as a conversation on Twitter turned into a project with 300 bloggers signing up to write about what inspires each of us. To accommodate everyone within a reasonable amount of time, groups of ten bloggers write each week day, starting tomorrow (Feb 10) and link to the next ten bloggers. The next ten bloggers link to the ones who came before them and the one who will come after – and so on, until all 300 have participated.

My lucky day to blog is Thursday, March 4 – so, not for awhile, but I wanted to share with you the schedule of bloggers participating because it’s a gold mine of links to blogs you may not know about. Plus, the people who signed up for this are clearly people who care about creativity, kindness and community, so I am certain that all of their blogs are worth reading.

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[Handmade Wednesday] Inspired by Valentine’s Day

And, well, I couldn’t pass this up, now could I?

Handmade Crepe Fringe ($5) by Tadpoles and Teacups
Rain Mobile ($22) by le petit papillon
Sweet Shop 8″ x 8″ print ($25) by Lola’s Room
Pink cinnamon marshmallow hearts ($6 for 14) by Whimsy & Spice
Heart shaped paper collage ($28) by pretty random objects
Fabric heart patch ($4.50) by rikrak
Macaroons tea towel ($14) by munaluna
Surprise bags ($3) by zoetropa
Red hares gocco print ($20) by Dee Beale
Weave fabric in red and oatmeal ($6.99 for 9.5 x 14″piece) by summersville
Fabric pony tail holders ($8.50) by Sophie & Lili
“The Inner Workings of the Residence of Lulu Bell Snippet” print ($20) by Jess Rae Gordon
Kind Mr. and Mrs. print ($13) by Cindy Tomczyk
100 percent bag ($6) by jodii
Eco-chic pink ballet flats ($50) by The Generation
Strawberry bloom custom cake topper ($12) by Milla Love

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[Crafty Monday] Valentine’s Day Votive

I love this project: it’s a candle holder decorated with tissue paper.  It’s easy, it’s pretty, it’s fast, it makes a good gift, and it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

tissue paper
glass jar  (preferably one with a wide mouth, to easily put a candle in it)
Mod Podge
sponge brush

To start, cut out a strip  of tissue paper that is equal to the width of your jar.  At the same time, cut some tissue paper hearts of different colors and sizes.

Using a sponge brush, gently brush the Mod Podge around the top and the bottom of the strip of tissue paper (you don’t need to coat the entire strip of tissue paper in Mod Podge – just the edges). The tissue paper is delicate, so you have to be careful.

You do not have to wait for that strip to dry before gluing on your hearts.

When gluing on the hearts, always start your brush strokes from the middle and move out to the edges.

Cover the entire heart with a layer of Mod Podge. Keep adding more hearts until you have finished gluing them all the way around the jar. Be especially careful when brushing on the Mod Podge where the hearts overlap.

It will be very wet, but don’t worry – it will dry nice and clear.

When it’s dry, light a tea light candle or a votive candle and see how pretty it is.

I made two of them.

Another reason I love this craft: you can adapt it for any holiday, or for everyday use by picking whatever tissue paper colors and shapes you want.

If you make one, please send me a picture!

* * *

On an unrelated note: head over to sfgirlbybay today and read about the “Blog it Forward/Blogger Mash-Up” project she’s coordinating. I joined up and can’t wait to blog it forward.

Also, on Thursday I am guest blogging over at Kind Over Matter with an easy Valentine’s Day gift idea (yay!), so I hope you’ll visit me over there.

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