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Favorites: Camilla Lundsten for Scandic Europe Hotels

Scandic Hotels Europe design by Camilla Lundsten

Scandic Hotels Europe design 3 by Camilla Lundsten

Scandic Hotels Europe design close up by Camilla Lundsten

Scandic Hotels Europe design 4 by Camilla Lundsten

I just stumbled across Camilla Lundsten‘s 2009 “module playconcept” design for the family friendly Scandic hotel chain’s 155 European hotels.

“The concept is designed with sustainability, clever economy, effective production and implementation in mind. And most importantly boundless play options for kids.” I’ll say. If this doesn’t inspire endless imagination and creativity, I don’t know what would.

See this previous post on Camilla Lundsten for other design inspiration, and don’t miss her amazing website – so much to see and love, including some designs she did for Brio that I was crazy about a few years ago (after my girls, unfortunately, were a little too old for them).

Incidentally, we stayed at the Scandic Hasselbacken in Stockholm, and it is one of my all time favorite hotels. Great location, beautiful rooms, and the best breakfast I’ve ever had. Hands down.

Images: Camilla Lundsten

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Swedish Pancakes

We went to Stockholm a couple of years ago, and stayed in this most fantastic hotel, the Scandic Hasselbacken, (probably my all time favorite hotel), where we were first introduced to the Swedish pancake. A Swedish pancake is pretty much the same thing as a crêpe, except they are smaller.

Scandic Hasselbacken Stockholm

Every morning, we helped ourselves to a large mostly organic breakfast buffet filled with meats and cheeses and breads and cereals and fruits and juices and all the Swedish pancakes we could eat. Man, that was living!

One night, we went to a restaurant in central Stockholm, and the girls got pancakes for dinner; unlike at breakfast, when we’d been spreading lingonberry jam (which you can get at IKEA, if you live near one) on our pancakes, the restaurant added jam to whipped cream and spread that on the pancakes.

From that moment forward, we had a whole new level of appreciation and love for the Swedish pancake. Read the rest of this entry »

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