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Clever Craft: Mini Viewer

Mini viewer by Pichouline

This mini viewer craft by Véronique of Pichouline would make the sweetest, most charming little gift, so I think you should make one. Get the tutorial on the Bloesem Kids blog here.

This weekend, I chose reading over cleaning, which is something I should do more often. What do you do to restore your energy after a long week?

Image: Pichouline
via Bloesem Kids

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[Family Friday] Heirlooms

I’m going to share something with you today that’s special to me – something that people who like to sew will probably like.

It’s one of the few possessions I have that I would consider an heirloom, or…maybe I’d just call it a little treasure. I’ve been thinking about it because Mother’s Day is on Sunday.

My mom handstitched all of our names (I am the youngest of 5), birth dates and the cities where we were born, along with some embellishments, onto this blue chambray fabric which she intended as a quilt border. She never actually attached it to a quilt (she says the quilt she made disappeared and she never knew what happened to it), so the rolled up border sat in her sewing bucket forever. I remember always wanting to unroll it and look at it,  much the same way Elena and Rosa always want to take out their baby books and pore over the pages.

I also remember what a pain in the neck it was to roll it back up (and was reminded again when I took it out for these photos!).

Want to see it? You’re going to learn something about me today that I am pretty sure most of you don’t know. Keep reading:

Christopher Shaw Wheeler, born August 13, 1962 in New York, NY

How hilarious is it that she forgot the “h”? And added it in?

My brother Chris is the oldest.

My brother Landy (Landrum – it’s a family name) is the second oldest:

Landrum (“Landy”) Wheeler – no middle name – born October 21, 1966 in Milwaukee, WI

My sister Gillian (Gilly) is the middle child and oldest girl:

Gillian Graves (“Gilly”) Wheeler, born November 19, 1967 in New Rochelle, NY. Graves is also a family name.

I’m suspicious of the “genius” stitched next to her name. I kinda maybe think Gilly sewed that on there herself.

My sister Liza (formal name “Elise” after my maternal grandmother) is the fourth child:

Elise Scott (“Liza”) Wheeler, born March 1, 1969 in New Rochelle, NY

And now me. Here’s the part you didn’t know:

My real name is Mary (named after my mom). Lawrence was my paternal grandfather, who died about 3 hours before I was born. Everyone has always called me Molly, except the teacher on the first day of school and the cashier at department store who says, “Thank you for shopping here, Mary” as she hands me back my credit card.

I was destined to love rick rack.

Mary Lawrence (“Molly”) Wheeler, born August 9, 1972 in Shelbyville, IN.

I trust you have now noted my birthday on all of your calendars. Also, I think I should have a huge birthday bash this year because my birthday (August 9, 2010)  is 8/9/10. You are all invited.

Here are a few of the decorative touches around the rest of the border and some close-ups:

(the butterfly is not an applique)

Five kids in ten years from New York City to Milwaukee, back to New York, and then to Indiana. Whew!

Today,  by the way, happens to be my mom’s birthday, so happy birthday to her.

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there – much love to you all.

Mary Lawrence

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[Crafty Monday] Flowers for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day craft combines pretty + easy + useful. Wait a second – useful?! Yes, because the flowers, you see, are actually pens. And you know that you never have a pen handy when you need one. So, let’s give Mom some pretty flower pens, shall we?

I’m excited about this craft because it’s got all of the things I love about crafts:
– it’s easy (and kid friendly) and quick to make
– it’s pretty
– and you can make lots of different versions of it

And, it’s pretty cheap to make, too.


Flowers (Cut down the stems ahead of time with some wire cutters or garden pruning shears; the flowers should be 8″ – 10″ or so)
3″ terra cotta flower pots
Floral tape
Coffee beans
Ballpoint pens (without their caps)
Optional: paint & paint brush for the flower pots

I painted the pots first, using two or three coats per pot; the paint dries quickly. I kept the pots very simple, but you can easily imagine all the different ways you or your kids could personalize the pots (stickers, fabric, rhinestones, metallic paint, etc.)

When you are done decorating your pot, plug the hole in the bottom (I just covered it with a piece of paper), fill the pot with coffee beans, and set aside.

Line up the pen with the flower, leaving the tip of the pen just a little lower than the flower stem. Begin taping with a strip of floral tape, starting near the tip of the pen and moving up.

Floral tape is stretchy, so stretch it a little as you are wrapping it around the pen and flower, and wrap the two tightly. Keep wrapping all the way until you get to the top of the pen – be sure to cover up the end of it with the tape.

Once you are done taping your flower pens, insert them into the pots and you are done. You can do one pen per pot, or put several pens in one pot. Both options look pretty. You might also add some leaves or other decorations (like a little Happy Mother’s Day note) to the pot.

Who wouldn’t want to use this pretty pen?

This was my first time working with floral tape, and I didn’t realize it is slightly sticky on both sides. I read that one way to reduce the stickiness once you are done is to very (very) lightly coat the tape with baby powder. I did this with a couple of the flowers but didn’t bother with the others – the tape is not that sticky.

These will look so cheerful sitting on Mom’s desk, or next to the telephone with a pad of paper (is that an old fashioned thing to suggest?)

I got this idea from Elena’s pre-K teacher, who had the kids make these for us. That was 4 years ago, but I’ve still got my red rose pen sitting on my desk.

These would also make an excellent gift for your kids’ teachers. And if you’re looking for other teacher gift ideas, the Giver’s Log (an excellent blog, if you’re not familiar with it), offers this list of 50 Gifts Kids Can Make for Teachers.

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[Handmade Wednesday] Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day gift ideas for the hip, handmade-lovin’ mom.

Hens and Chicks Succulent Garden ($38) by Monkeys Always Look
Black Leather Pocket Messenger Bag ($140) by The Leather Store

Office letterpress print ($20) by Eight Hour Day
Long sleeve custom shirt ($51) by Katastrophic Design

Push/Pull Gift Wrap Sheet ($2, on sale) by Sarah Marie Designs
Scarlet Modern Dots ($11, set of eight) by Ruby Press

Seed Bombs ($7) by Visual Lingual
The Secret print ($30) by Blanca Gomez

Tahitian Vanilla Caramel Bars ($17, four bars) by Have It Sweet
Circle of Life 14K gold necklace ($19, on sale) by Frieda Sophie

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9 in the US.

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