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Read It: Home and Delicious

Home & Delicious coverPastel colors spread from Home & Delicious

Dipped ideas spread by Home & Delicious

Kitchen spread by Home & Delicious

Churches tell stories spread by Home & Delicious

Icelandic churches in Home & Delicious

Hello again – and welcome to my new readers – thanks so much for joining me here. I took last week off to get some things done around my house, but now I’m back and I have lots to share.

Home & Delicious (don’t you love the name?) is a brand new Icelandic magazine by Halla Bára Gestsdóttir and her husband Gunnar Sverrison. The first issue is loaded with beautiful photos, recipes, craft ideas, and much more. I loved leafing through all 180+ pages. Take a look for yourself here and see what you think.

You can also find the Home & Delicious website here and blog here.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared the live webcams of Iceland. There’s another new Icelandic website, Tiny Iceland, in case (like me) you just can’t get enough of the beautiful photos and videos.

All images: Home & Delicious
via Nordic Design

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Dottir and Sonur

Lightlace by Dottir and Sonur

Origami wallpaper by Dottir and Sonur

Shadow zoo pillow by Dottir and Sonur

Origami pillow by Dottir and Sonur

Beautiful beautiful items by Dottir & Sonur, the Icelandic husband and wife team of Ingvi and Tinna. I can’t choose a favorite – I love them all. Ok, maybe I love the pendant light the best. They have a Big Cartel shop here (no wallpaper, though), and see a few more items on their website.

images: Dottir & Sonur
via Handmade Charlotte and my friend Karin

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Icelandic Design: Bility Candle Holders

Bilberry candle holder by Bility

Bilberry candle holder by Bility 2

Bilberry candle holder by Bility  - packaging

Dandelion candle holder by Bility

Dandelion candle holder by Bility 2

When we were in Iceland last fall, I bought a few of these metal candle holders by Bility, which are beautifully designed and packaged. They come flat, so when you take them out of the package, you bend the little leaves up to give them their shape. And with a lit candle, they project the prettiest designs on the wall.

Bility has several more clever designs on their website – not all of them candle holders – so take a look.

If you happen to go to Iceland, there’s a store in Reykjavík dedicated to Icelandic design called Kraum, which I highly recommend visiting. (What they have on their website is only a small sampling of what’s in the store.)

Images: Bility

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