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Last Minute Easter Ideas: Easter Bunny Candy Pouch

Easter Bunny Candy Pouch by MerMag

Easter Bunny Pouch with Candy by MerMag

I love this sweet Easter Bunny Candy Pouch by Merrilee of mer mag, don’t you? Want to try your hand at making one? Get the tutorial here. So many more cute things to see on her blog, too – take a look.

Images: mer mag
Via: Poppytalk on Pinterest (Jan has impeccable taste Рif you want to see a lot of beautiful images, follow her on Pinterest)


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[Crafty Monday] Spool + Fun Sewing Projects

This weekend, Karin took me to a small but really beautiful fabric store in Philadelphia called Spool, where the staff was so helpful and enthusiastic, and the selection of carefully chosen fabrics was incredible.

Elena and I picked out these gorgeous fabrics  for her upcoming projects in her sewing class; the floral is for a full skirt and the orange (which is just the prettiest color and the fabric is so soft) is for a sleep shirt.

Spool offers classes in the back of its store, and it’s such an inviting place that I can’t wait to go back there with Karin and take a class learning how to make Amy Butler’s Barcelona skirt. I really only have basic sewing skills, so I think it’s time to take some classes. I have spent a lot of time (too much time) wishing that I could sew like a pro but not making the effort to learn. Visiting Spool inspired me.

In the meantime, I’ve started a small file of fun sewing projects that I’ve bookmarked, like turning your widowed socks into a new, colorful pair of gloves and scarf by Ruffles and Stuff:

And these baby kimono shirts and a pretty leaf table runner by Martha:

Denyse Schmidt offers this free pattern for this Scottie Dog (I like the idea of making my own version, to go with the one my mom made many years ago). And don’t you think this petite pack by Sew to Speak is really sweet? I would love to make a version of it for the girls.

There are so many great sewing resources out there. I like poking around the CRAFT blog for sewing ideas. Of course, One Pretty Thing is a good source too as well as The Long Thread. Also, I continue to marvel time and again at the sewing projects on the ikat bag blog. They are so fun and creative (the Owie Doll is one of my all time favorites).

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