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“Evergreen” Christmas Cards by Darling Clementine

Darling Clementine Evergreen series

Darling Clementine Evergreen series 2

Darling Clementine, you may know, is one of my favorites. This talented Norwegian design duo has a lovely shop full of pretty things for your home, stationery, even their own tea. In addition to their recently released Harvest line (these mugs are my favorite), they’ve just introduced these elegant “Evergreen” cards in time for Christmas.

I’m still enjoying their 2012 calendar (I featured it here as one of my 2012 calendar favorites). And, their blog is a constant source of inspiration. Don’t miss it.

Images: Darling Clementine

I’m happy to report that power was restored yesterday and things have mostly returned to normal around my house. I’m very relieved. Thanks again to all of you who sent me positive messages before and after Hurricane Sandy; I appreciate it so much.

As a reminder, if you are looking to donate to the Hurricane Sandy recovery/rebuilding efforts here in New Jersey, I have some advice and recommendations here.

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Darling Clementine for the Holidays

Even though I can’t stand seeing the holiday decorations in stores already, I know I need to start thinking about it all soon. So, here’s a good start: sweet holiday designs by Darling Clementine.

Winter Wonders tray 2 by Darling Clementine

Winter Wonders tray by Darling Clementine

Winter Wonders trays ($35 each)

Noel holiday cards box set 2 by Darling Clementine

Noel holiday cards box set by Darling Clementine

Noel holiday cards box set ($16, set of 4)

Holy Holy holiday card box set 2 by Darling Clementine

Holy Holy holiday card box set by Darling Clementine

Holy Holy holiday card box set ($16, set of 4)

I’m always charmed by Darling Clementine’s designs.
Don’t miss these fantastic holiday cards they designed for Hello Lucky.

Images: Darling Clementine

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Susan Liebe

Susan Liebe porcelain box

Susan Liebe yellow and mint porcelain box susan-liebe-krukke

Susan Liebe  Susan Liebe krukker

Susan Liebe pink and yellow ceramic box

When I was in Copenhagen a couple of months ago, I saw these beautiful porcelain jars (“krukker”) made by Susan Liebe and fell in love with them, but I forgot to make a note of the artist.  I was pleasantly surprised to see them on Darling Clementine’s blog the other day.

Aren’t they sweet? They are so pretty in person – they would be perfect for your dressing table (I don’t have one, but I always coveted my grandmother’s). I wanted to bring home a set of them for my daughters.

I also saw her pretty little earrings in several shops around Copenhagen:

Earrings by Susan Liebe

See more in Susan Liebe’s shop and on her blog.

Images: Susan Liebe

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Favorites: Woodland Trays by Darling Clementine

Following my Isak breadboards post from last week –
Darling Clementine has these fabulous trays in their shop and I am dying to have one.

Darling Clementine Woodland Tray Small

“Owl’s House” Woodland Tray (Small) – $35

Darling Clementine Woodland Tray Large

“Florence the Fox” Woodland Tray (Large) – $45

Darling Clementine Woodland Tray Floras Fields

“Flora’s Fields” Woodland Tray (Large) – $45

Darling Clementine Woodland Tray Goldfinch Forest

“Goldfinch Forest” Woodland Tray (Large) – $45

I can’t decide which is my favorite. I think Flora’s Fields or Florence the Fox.
The photos are fantastic too.

What about you – which is your favorite?

Visit their shop.

Images: Darling Clementine

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Notecards, Decks of Cards and Vintage Illustrations

Here’s some lovely design for you today. I saw this “Marionette” set of cards by Darling Clementine on (what else?) Etsy and thought they were really terrific:

Marionette Six Pack 1Marionette Six Pack 2

Marionette Six Pack 3 Marionette Six Pack 4

According to Darling Clementine, the animals are inspired by 1950s finger puppets, but somehow they reminded me of the illustrations on decks of Crazy Eights or Old Maid cards from my childhood (which I remember fondly).

Vintage Crazy Eights

Fifi Fluff Ballet Betty Diver Dan

(images from RubyKhan’s Flickr page and obsessed scrapbooker)

Incidentally, eeBoo has a line of card games which wonderfully recaptures the feel of those vintage illustrations:

eeBoo Old Maid cards eeBoo Animal Rummy cards

You’ve probably seen eeBoo toys in toy stores and bookstores near you. If not, browse their website. Everything* they make is beautifully designed and high quality. An excellent choice for gifts for your little friends.

*Seriously – everything.

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