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New Beginnings

For any of you who stumble upon this site or might still get the posts in your blog reader, I wanted to let you know that I am writing again: I have joined the Classic Play family, where I’ll be offering inspiration and ideas for your home.

classic_play_logo (1)

Several months have passed since I stopped writing Charlotte’s Fancy, and I have come to realize that I miss having the creative outlet. Because I am not able to write every day, contributing guest posts to Classic Play is just what I need to fulfill my creative urges.

Classic Play has long been one of my favorite blogs (I hate calling it a blog, actually, because it’s really so much more than that). It’s charming, it’s thoughtful, it’s creative. The ideas and inspiration are modern, yet remind me of the kinds of activities I did when I was a kid. Perhaps most importantly, it feels like a community.

I feel honored to be a part of Jennifer Cooper’s team. If you enjoyed reading Charlotte’s Fancy, and you aren’t already a Classic Play reader, I hope you will join me there.

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Raising Creative Kids

I had the good fortune recently to be interviewed by Jennifer Cooper of Classic Play! for her Creative Family series.



Jen has a bottomless supply of fun ideas, thoughtful articles and enthusiasm for creative play and parenting. Her homage to the Red Balloon is too charming for words. She also has one of the most contagious smiles I’ve ever known.

In other words, Classic Play! is a must read, and I’m very honored to be featured.

You can read the interview here.

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Classic Play!

I’m interrupting the Handmade Holiday Gift Guides to tell you that the new issue of Classic Play! is out, and I am so honored to be a guest contributor. Classic Play! is a wonderful online magazine filled with essays, crafts, gift guides and fun ideas for parents. I highly recommend it.

The theme for this issue is Science, and I created a Monarch butterfly chrysalis craft, inspired by Not Martha’s tiny pinatas and an experience I had with Monarchs at work last year:

Chrysalis Craft Pic 2 for Classic Play's Science Issue Chrysalis Craft Pic 4 for Classic Play's Science Issue
Chrysalis Craft Pic 6 for Classic Play's Science Issue Chrysalis Craft Pic 6 for Classic Play's Science Issue

The Foundation that I work for gives money to a group called the Monarch Teacher Network, which is a network of teachers who use the incredible migration of the Monarch butterfly as a robust teaching tool in their classrooms (environmental lessons, math lessons, art lessons, etc). Last year, they brought several caterpillars to our office and let us watch the beauty of their transformation unfold over several days. I don’t know if you remember what a monarch chrysalis looks like, but it is incredibly delicate and beautiful and small:

Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis

It starts off as light green with tiny gold dots on it, and as the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, the chrysalis gets increasingly translucent so that you can actually see the black and orange wings:

Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis with wings showing through

As a child, the transformation seems so magical. Getting to revisit this process as an adult, and being able to appreciate the incredible beauty of the chrysalis, it was even more magical than I remembered, and it left a deep impression on me. It seemed like a perfect fit, then, to make a chrysalis craft for Classic Play!

I hope you enjoy the Science issue, and I hope you like the craft too. If you decide to make your own, please let me know. You can fill it with anything and make it any colors you want!  Also, I must give a special thanks to Melanie of You Are My Fave who gave me some pointers for this craft. Much appreciated, Melanie.

See also all of the back issues of Classic Play!, including Food, Sports, Love and Travel, among others, for so much inspiration and fun.

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[Design Thursday] Beau Ideal

A new-to-me Etsy shop that I really really like: Beau Ideal.

Her designs remind me of Anna Bond’s illustrations for Rifle Paper Co. (which is meant as a compliment, because I love Rifle Paper Co.).

Can you see it too, or is it just me?

See Jill’s shop and website for her gorgeous prints, too. She’s based in Brooklyn – I wonder if she’ll be at Renegade Craft Fair? Less than a month away!

(via Poppytalk)

* * *

On an unrelated note, the new issue of Classic Play (the Food Issue) is out, and it’s terrific (and it also mentions Charlotte’s Fancy, much to my surprise and delight!). Besides the thoughtfully-written articles, the issue also offers fun printable lunchbox menus by one of my favorites, Jennifer Vallez of Sophie & Lili. I am pretty sure the girls will love to find these in their lunchboxes every day.

If you’re not familiar with Classic Play, go take a look!

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