A Roald Dahl Birthday Party

Quentin Blake illustration for Roald Dahl Day

Last year, my daughter wanted a Harry Potter party, which I had a lot of fun with. You can see pictures and ideas from that party here. This year, she asked for a Roald Dahl party, which I thought was a pretty great idea. Turns out it was easy to put together too.


I made a very simple invitation this year using the Quentin Blake illustration above (which he drew in celebration of Roald Dahl Day). If I had planned farther ahead, I probably would have tried to make a Golden Ticket invitation.

Games & Fun

In addition to watching Fantastic Mr. Fox, Matilda AND the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (it was a slumber party – we had a lot of time to fill!), we also quizzed kids on Roald Dahl characters and stories using the Roald Dahl Quiz Book.

But the highlight of the party? A Fizzy Lifting Drink burping contest! Have the kids chug some seltzer or soda and let them burp as loudly as they want.

Party Favors

Always my favorite part of the party. This year, we gave the kids:

A Roald Dahl book (we bought an assortment)
A Roald Dahl bookmark (found these at a local toy store , but here’s a free printable Roald Dahl bookmark that you can print on cardstock)
Lickable wallpaper (candy buttons)
Everlasting gobstoppers

Party favors for a Roald Dahl birthday party

Food & Drinks

I did not go all out and serve Roald Dahl-themed food and drinks. However, chocolate milk (from the chocolate river, of course), Fizzy Lifting Drink, and Frobscottle are obvious drink choices. You could also turn to Revolting Recipes for many disgusting-yet-delicious (dahlicious?) ideas.

For more resources, you can find some ideas on the Roald Dahl website (check the teacher section for activity ideas), and the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre website too. Probably your best resource is the Roald Dahl Day website which even has party packs to download.

Images: Quentin Blake illustration for Roald Dahl Day (top)
Party favors by Charlotte’s Fancy (bottom)

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Easy Color Block Garland

Color block garland supplies. Craft by Project Wedding Color block garland by Project Wedding

This One Lovely Day/Project Wedding craft looks tailor-made for Valentine’s Day, but imagine switching the red and pink for black and metallic gold, or silver and pink for a lovely New Year’s party decoration.

The best crafts are the ones that can be easily adapted for many different occasions.

Get the tutorial here.

Images: One Lovely Day/Project Wedding

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DIY Sequin Ornaments

DIY acorn ornament by Skunk Boy Blog

I love this Christmas ornament craft by Katie over at the Skunk Boy Blog. Simple and pretty and, best of all, easy!

Get the tutorial here. See all of her DIY ideas (lots of fun ones!) here.

Image: Skunk Boy Blog
via Pinterest

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Macaron Rainbow

Macaron cake photo by Annie McElwain

Macarons from Blog Le 15

Macaron stand by Blog Le 15

I saw these photos on Pinterest (via Poppytalk) and wanted to share. Amazing, aren’t they? If I were anywhere near these, I’d have a very hard time resisting them.

If you don’t already follow Poppytalk on Pinterest, you should. You can find her here. And if you want to follow me, click here.

Images: Annie McElwain (top) Le 15 Patisserie (middle, bottom)

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A Lovely Home in Sweden

Home near Malmo 5 via Bolaget

Home near Malmo 9 via Bolaget

Home near Malmo 4 via Bolaget

Home near Malmo 7 via Bolaget

Home near Malmo 10 via Bolaget

Home near Malmo 2 via Bolaget

Home near Malmo 8 via Bolaget

You know what I like about this pretty home near Malmö, Sweden? It looks comfortable and friendly – and lived in and loved. And real.

And how about that view of the church?

I especially like the living room (the couch, pillows and artwork are so welcoming) and the bedroom (the spare white room + mint green pillow combination is soft and pretty).

These photos are from a real estate listing, and in case you’re curious like me, I converted the price into US dollars: it’s listed for about $404,000.

See a few more photos on the Bolaget website.

All images: Bolaget
via Delikatissen

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Holiday Treats to Make and Bake

Holiday Treats to Make by Charlotte's Fancy

Avert your eyes if you are on a diet!

I’m in a baking mood, and these are some of my favorite treats (especially peanut butter cookies and caramels). Of these, I have only made the lemon baubles before, and they are easy and taste unbelievably good.

Click the links for recipes:

1. Peanut butter sandwich cookies (‘wichcraft restaurant via Martha Stewart)

2. Soft chewy caramels (the Kitchn)

3. Candy cane marshmallow pops (Liv Life)

4. Christmas in a cookie (the Faux Martha)

5. Lemon baubles (Pinecone Camp)

6. Gingersnaps with ginger lemon cream filling (un gamine dans la cuisine)

Images by their respective owners

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Glitter Candles

Glitter candles DIY by Brunch at Sak's

Clever, easy little craft by Brunch at Sak’s to add some sparkle to your home. I’ve been looking for ways to use the Martha Stewart glitter I have, so I’m ready to make a few of these.

Image: Brunch at Sak’s

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Illustrations by Lan Truong

Illustrations by Lan Truong

Gorgeous illustrations by Brooklyn-based Lan Truong. See her website here and her blog here.

Happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend?

Images: Lan Truong
via Isa Belaniel / Paper Boots

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Dreamy Dinner Party

Cozy dinner table with Panton chairs photo by Francisca Munck-Johansen / House of Pictures

Just wanted to show you this pretty photo today and wish you a happy weekend.

For more pictures of this beautiful Norwegian home, click here and see the gallery at the bottom of the page.

Image: Francisca Munck-Johansen / House of Pictures
via Delikatissen

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Holiday Hostess Gift


Holiday hostess gift by Sugar and Cloth Hot chocolate hostess gift by Sugar and Cloth

Sugar and Cloth offers a tutorial on this really unique hostess gift: a coffee stained wood box (which she personalized by burning a monogram onto the lid) with hot chocolate supplies for two inside. Even if you don’t have time to make the box, putting the hot chocolate supplies into spice jars with a little baker’s twine for decoration is a particularly nice gift idea.

Many more DIY ideas on her blog here.

Images: Sugar and Cloth

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