And They Lived Happily Ever After

Royal Wedding Handmade Etsy Picks

Today only, every person on the planet has to talk about the Royal Wedding. It’s the law.

True story.


“Night Rainbow” fine art print ($30) by Keri Bevan
London calling Union Jack dress ($58) by The Trendy Tot
London Town earrings (~$35) by Signatures by Natonia
Union Jack bunting hand carved stamp (~$13) by Skull and Cross Buns
Royal cookies ($36, set of 6) by SweetAmbs
Royal breakfast tea towel ($14.25) by Mr. PS
Set of three pillows ($175) by Karen Hilton Designs

On a serious note, a royal wedding is a lovely way to start a Friday morning, don’t you think? And there has never been a princess prettier than Kate.


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