Easy Felt Art Pouches

I was puttering around this weekend, thinking about what crafts we might like to make, when Elena presented me with one of these little art pouches that she made out of felt from her DIY Kids book. They are simple to make and can be filled with all kinds of fun things.


  • Felt (regular sheets of it from the craft store)
  • Ribbon (about 18″ – 20″ long)
  • Glue gun + glue
  • Buttons, trim, other decorations

To make a pouch with two pockets, fold the bottom flap up to get a sense of how tall you want your pockets to be (for this one, I folded the flap up about halfway):

Unfold the flap, and with your glue gun, draw three lines of glue – one on each outside edge and one in the middle (see pic below) – and then fold back up. Press down on the glue lines to make them stick:

Turn the piece of felt over so that your newly-made pockets are facing down. Hot glue a piece of cloth ribbon across the middle of the pockets you just made (that is, do not glue the piece of ribbon across the middle of the full length of felt because it will be too high when you fold up the kit):

Once the ribbon is glued down, flip the piece of felt back over so that pockets are showing.

Now comes the fun part: fill your pockets with whatever art supplies or trinkets you like. We used colored pencils, a mini notepad and stickers:

To finish, fold the top flap down over the pockets, and fold the whole kit in half:

Tie your ribbon and you’re done!

These little pouches take about 5 minutes each to make, unless you want to get fancy and decorate the outside of them a little more, like this ice cream cone pouch:

(Be sure to glue the ribbon on first, then glue your decorative felt, buttons, and other trim on top of the ribbon.)

The mini Moleskine notepads, which come two to a pack, and short colored pencils, or Toysmith’s mini crayon or mini marker sets, are the perfect size for these handy little pouches.

This green pencil pouch has one big pocket (in Step One, only glue the edges of the felt, and do not add the third, middle line of glue) so it can hold a lot more – bigger notepads, magnifying glasses, 3D glasses, a spy handbook, band aids, Monopoly money – whatever you can think of:

You can make some of these to stick in the car for roadtrips. They would also make great party favors – fill them with any treats or treasures to match your party theme. So many possibilities!

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3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Katherine marie said,

    What perfect and adorable project for those of us who can’t sew. Thanks’!!!!!

  2. 2

    Meaghan said,

    That is so cute and seems so easy! Thanks for posting this, something fun and quick to do on a rainy day. Except I probably need a hundred of them, or one really really big one for all the crayons I have lying around the house!

  3. 3

    Stephanie said,

    what a great and quick gift idea!!!! thank you for sharing!

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