[Crafty Monday] Valentine’s Day Votive

I love this project: it’s a candle holder decorated with tissue paper.  It’s easy, it’s pretty, it’s fast, it makes a good gift, and it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

tissue paper
glass jar  (preferably one with a wide mouth, to easily put a candle in it)
Mod Podge
sponge brush

To start, cut out a strip  of tissue paper that is equal to the width of your jar.  At the same time, cut some tissue paper hearts of different colors and sizes.

Using a sponge brush, gently brush the Mod Podge around the top and the bottom of the strip of tissue paper (you don’t need to coat the entire strip of tissue paper in Mod Podge – just the edges). The tissue paper is delicate, so you have to be careful.

You do not have to wait for that strip to dry before gluing on your hearts.

When gluing on the hearts, always start your brush strokes from the middle and move out to the edges.

Cover the entire heart with a layer of Mod Podge. Keep adding more hearts until you have finished gluing them all the way around the jar. Be especially careful when brushing on the Mod Podge where the hearts overlap.

It will be very wet, but don’t worry – it will dry nice and clear.

When it’s dry, light a tea light candle or a votive candle and see how pretty it is.

I made two of them.

Another reason I love this craft: you can adapt it for any holiday, or for everyday use by picking whatever tissue paper colors and shapes you want.

If you make one, please send me a picture!

* * *

On an unrelated note: head over to sfgirlbybay today and read about the “Blog it Forward/Blogger Mash-Up” project she’s coordinating. I joined up and can’t wait to blog it forward.

Also, on Thursday I am guest blogging over at Kind Over Matter with an easy Valentine’s Day gift idea (yay!), so I hope you’ll visit me over there.

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  1. 1

    Christy said,

    Beautiful tutorial! I love how the hearts glow!

  2. 2

    Shokoofeh said,

    It’s really lovely!

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