[Handmade Holidays] Stocking Stuffers Part 1

Stocking Stuffer Rules According to Molly:

1. This one is the most important rule: Stocking stuffers don’t actually have to fit into the stockings to qualify as stocking stuffers.* I will never forget the year my mom Santa put a stack of coloring books (a STACK!) and a big box of crayons with them next to my stocking. Pure joy.

*Santa didn’t hang the stockings back up on the fireplace, which may be different from your house; at my house he scattered them around the room, so that he could surround them with little piles of presents that didn’t fit in the stockings.

2. Sometimes stocking stuffers cost as much as gifts under the tree, but that’s ok – it’s what makes stockings extra special.

3. While I understand that oranges used to be a treat in the old timey days, no kid of mine is getting an orange in her stocking.

4. Stockings should never be an afterthought. When I was a kid, stockings were actually better than the presents under the tree.

OK? OK. Glad we’ve got that cleared up.

So I’ve got a whole bunch of picks here and again tomorrow – many of them are shops I featured last week, many are new, not all are Etsy. I hope you love these picks as much as I do.

Bike business card holder by HARE and DRUM Honey Sugar Scrub by OneHoney

Bicycle Wood Business Card Holder ($25) by HARE and DRUM
Honey Sugar Scrub, 20 oz. ($25) by One Honey

purse pouch pencil case by Helen Rawlinson House tea towel by PataPri

Purse/Pouch/Pencil Case ($23) by Helen Rawlinson
House Tea Towel ($14) by PataPri

Elephant Parade by matiekiller Acorns Roasting on an Open Fire by Lisa DeJohn

Elephant Parade Print ($20) by matiekiller
Acorns Roasting on an Open Fire Print ($20) by Lisa DeJohn

Boston Terrier Rubber Stamp by nikoart I Like Pretty Things Pencils by Olive Manna

Boston Terrier Stamp ($5) by nikoart
I Like Pretty Things Pencils, set of 3 ($4.95) by Olive Manna

iPod Touch or iPhone Case by byrdandbelle Octopus Pocket Mirror by SparklePaw

iPod or iPhone Case ($19) by byrd and belle
Octopus Pocket Mirror ($7) by SparklePaw

Wooden Picture Frame Brooch by enna love letter shirt by bchildrenswear

Wooden Picture Frame Brooch ($15 each) by enna
Love Letter Shirt ($18) by b children’s wear

Red Striped Ornament by FernAnimals Ceramic Owl Desk Planter in Yellow by FruitFlyPie

Red Striped Ornament ($35) by Fern Animals/Ashley Anna Brown
Ceramic Vintage Style Owl Desk Planter ($24) by fruitflypie

Card set by DwellDeep Bird Tea Towels by AnnaJoyce

Set of 3 Cards ($8.50) by Dwell Deep
Bird Tea Towels, set of 3 ($30) by Anna Joyce

Snow Bird Ceramic Magnet Set by SweetTidings box of tarts by ikatbag

Snow Bird Ceramic Magnets ($2.50) by Sweet Tidings
Box of Felt Tarts ($13) by ikatbag

Tomorrow: even more stocking stuffer goodness!

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6 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    goodtogrow said,

    These are all adorable.

    I still have some of the stocking stuffers I got as a kid!

  2. 2

    Christy said,

    You have the loveliest finds! Thank you for the include too ! πŸ™‚

  3. 3

    […] Things &#183 Tagged handmade gifts, holiday gift ideas, stocking stuffers Ok, we all remember the rules from yesterday, right? […]

  4. 4

    My husband and I are the same way — there’s always at least one special present in the stocking, along with assorted little goodies and toys. We don’t have kids, so we just splurge on each other’s stockings a little. We open our presents Christmas Eve, and we always start with the stockings first.

    I love your selection here. I adore Nikoart’s stamps — I featured them on my blog a while back. Thanks for pointing me to some new ideas!

  5. 5

    lesley said,

    great picks as always, molly!!
    i love your stocking philosophy πŸ™‚ growing up, stockings were always my favourite part of christmas, and they still are! i had to give my husband a little lesson in stockings, as he came from a toothbrush-floss-crappyplastictoy-etc-in-the-stocking-family, but he has learned quickly and is an excellent stocking stuffer now!!
    one of my mom’s ‘rules’ of stockings is at least one thing for each sense – sight, smell, touch, taste, hearing…a good rule of thumb. just add some jewelry and it’s perfect!

  6. 6

    SparklePaw said,

    Thanks for including my octopus mirror! I love all of the other picks, too!! πŸ˜€

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