Summer Fun List

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Last summer, I took one of those giant-sized post-it notes (like, flip-chart size), and made a list of all the things we wanted to do over summer vacation, and I stuck it to the fridge, so that we were always walking by it and reminded of the things we wanted to make time for. Fun stuff, not chores or things that needed fixing around the house. Everyone was encouraged to add to the list the things they wanted to do.

If I remember correctly, we had bowling, and visiting the beach, and going on the Staten Island Ferry (I don’t know why kids love the Statue of Liberty – I guess I am seriously jaded), a trip to Fallingwater, and hiking and picnics, among others that I have since forgotten. We did almost all of the list.

Here’s what I know: if you’ve got something you really want to do, just get it on the calendar. Schedule it.

So, it’s about that time to make a new list, because school is almost out.

Besides the pool, where we’ll be spending an inordinate amount of time, here are a few things I think we’d like to do this summer, but I could use your suggestions too.

1. Bike rides  (Rosa is still learning)
2. Sleep a few nights in the tent in the back yard (can’t say that I’m much of a camper, but I do love sleeping in the tent with the girls)
3. Visit the new Please Touch Museum in Philly (because Elena has been nagging me for months)
4. Trip to NYC: Cooper-Hewitt, Natural History Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (and MoMA, if I can con my family into it)
5. Hikes and picnics
6. Movies
7. I would looooooove to go back to Montreal, or better yet, to Québec City
8. Visits to the library
9. Rollerskating (yes, we have a roller rink not too far away!)
11. Many trips to the orchard for strawberries, cherries, peaches, apples…

And here’s something I want to do with Karin: visit the Knoll museum in PA. Ok, Karin?

What are other fun things to do? Got any ideas? I need help with my list!

Karin and I are headed to the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn this weekend. So excited! If I’m not too busy buying everything in sight, I’ll try to snap some photos and report back. But don’t hold your breath.

Happy weekend!

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    lolly said,

    I’d better get Cuttyhunk on that list soon! I’m bringing the summer calendar to school today.

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